Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow UV400 SATA 3 2.5″ Solid State Drive SUV400S37/120G Kingston

Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow UV400 SATA 3 2.5″ Solid State Drive SUV400S37/120G Kingston
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  • Hard Drive: 120 GB


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; 10 times faster than a 7200rpm Hard Drive; More reliable and durable than a Hard Drive; Available as a Bundle kit for Easy Installation   ; Baseline performance data transfer (at to) 120GB – up to 550MB/s read and 350MB/s write; Maximum random 4K read/write (iometer) 120GB – up to 90,000 and 15,000 IOPS

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I know that in virtually no time there'll be bigger, faster drives for less money, but right now $39 for a 120GB SSD seems like an impossible bargain, especially since it's two to three times as fast as the four year old Intel SSD it replaced. I bought a second one within a week of the first. These are not the fastest SSDs you can buy, but they're a great improvement over what SSDs were like just a few years ago, and you can't beat the price. Never had a Kingston memory device fail on me yet, so I expect these to be reliable. Thumbs up.
Got this ssd yesterday for my 4 year old laptop ... I was looking something cheap coz I don't wanna spend more then 40 dollars on my old laptop so as of today 8/10/16 I got this for 37 dollars the only option cheaper then this was Silicon power ...I have been using Kingston usbs and rams since 2005 and they are reliable..My laptop supports 6Gb/s Speeds.....for those who wanted to know weather there laptops supports 6Gb/s or 3 Gb/s (SATA rev2 or SATA rev3).download free version of Speccy ..look the model of your motherboard chipset "model number SATA support" ..I have HM75 Chipset in my laptop that support max speeds of 6Gb/sthere is a difference between read and write speeds which was expected. The read speeds are spot on but for that price and history of years of reliability this SSD is highly recomended . you can see before and after difference in speeds
Most of us already know that to improve the performance of a computer is to migrate to SSD (Solid State Drive) from HD (Hard Drive). In the past, SSDs were expensive, but now SSDs are cheaper to buy, so the upgrade is much easier.I have used Kingston V200 and V300 last three years without any problems. They are still going strong. Kingston is not a top brand like Samsung, but for most consumers, their SSDs will do fine.The power users will not consider (TLC NAND), so this is for those who use their PC and laptops for normal computing and want something that is faster (up to 10x) than their current HD. But if you want higher end SSD, you should go with SLC NAND (more expensive than MLC or TLC). A general rule for SSD: SLC (Best), MLC (Better), TLC (Good).This Kingston UV400 is another entry SSD for consumers who just want to upgrade their HD so that they will see better performance in computing, or just want to give new lease on life to their old computers.1. If you just need a SSD, then you do not need this kit – you can just get the drive separately, which is much cheaper.2. The kit comes with SSD, 2.5” USB enclosure, 3.5’ mounting plate (for desk top), SATA power/data cable, 7mm-9.5mm adapter and downloadable Acronis cloning software. Basically, if you want to use this SSD for you desktop, then you have everything you need.3. Acronis Cloning Software. In the past, Kingston provided Acronis cloning software CD, but nowadays (including other companies), they will give you “Activation Key” card with where to download the program. Now, if you have other cloning programs, you may use it as well.4. Performance wise, I must say, UV400 is similar to V300, but not as good (but the difference is slight.Read more ›

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